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Eggs on Top
Andrea Slonecker
I really get perturbed by cookbooks that won't stay open. It has 2 sections.

There are several pages with cooking times and pictures of eggs cooked in their shells and great information and descriptions.

2 ways of cooking scrambled eggs; American: soft, and fluffy. French: creamy, soft custard. Have to try the French method.

The classic 'Eggs in Purgatory' is given and pictured. I love eggs in tomato sauce.

Their version of Croque Mademoiselle,(ham and egg on brioche)is kicked up a notch.
Want to try Crushed Potatoes with chorizo, eggs, and green chile salsa. Pioneer Woman of Food Network does a crushed potato, which is browned in the oven and delicious.

Great egg recipe book, other than it won't stay open.   Check availability
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Seal Team Six Hunt The Scorpion A Thomas Crocker Thriller
Don Mann with Ralph Pezzullo
This series is never dull and we learn some truths about how spies are caught and a glimpse into what is really going on in the world.
There is a lot of truth in these stories.

A cargo ship is captured by bloodthirsty pirates, who have their own agenda. They hurt and kill.
While searching for more money or whatever they can find, the ship is boarded by a different set of "pirates," but they have a different agenda. They know what the ship is carrying and that's what they want.

The 6 members of SEAL team are sent to Libya to track down nuclear materials in Libya from Gaddafi's rein. While there they also are sent to the cargo ship kidnapping. Other missions are spawned from each one.
During Clinton's presidency a CIA-led mission to assassinate Bin Laden was aborted because of the Monica Lewinsky investigation. He would have been captured or killed if Clinton had not said to abort.

We have a Navy Base in Bahrain, which is the home of the Central Command. It is just west of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where we have another base.
The ancient Sumerians, the first dwellers in this area, are from 30 islands in the Persian Gulf. They were the first great culture and from them came the Babylonians, Persians, and Assyrians. Just a little taste of the history given in the SEAL Team 6 series.
"Only the dead have seen the end of war." - George Santayana.
One sample of the various quotes by great people given before each chapter begins.

Will Crocker rescue his wife?

Great series, great writer.   Check availability
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Insane City
Dave Barry
Quirky characters, lots of action. Dave Barry humor makes this a great read.  Check availability
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Natchez Burning
Greg Iles
Warning: ending just. . . well, ends without much of a conclusion. it's first book in a trilogy.  Check availability