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Track your reading on the library website. Earn raffle tickets for instant prizes or to use at the Fandom Games End of Summer Reading Party at Millhopper Branch Library on Friday, August 5 from 6:00-8:00pm.

Teens grades 6-12 are welcome to participate. Children and adults are invited to register for the children and adult programs.

Sign up for Teen Battle of the Books at your local branch and get ready to fight for the title of Battle Champion, Saturday, July 30 @ 1pm at Headquarters Library.

Check with your local Library Branch for more exciting teen summer programming!
This book seems to retain a rating of a weak four. The story was fine, nothing much to complain about aside from some generic storytelling methods (dead mother/father, child doesn't like his new school,) but the ending was very abrupt, and anticlimactic in some ways. The moral was a bit odd, as it seemed to advocate that younger people cannot change anything in the world until they are older, so might as well get used to living well while others suffer. The conflict was still enjoyable, though, and I enjoyed the personalities of most of the main characters.A decent read, targeted towards younger readers in general.
M. M. Vaughan
I have probably read the 2nd book about 4 times for I couldn't believe what the team's enemy was doing to try and win the war! Hunted is probably one of my favorites of the series.
Spirit Animals: Book 2: Hunted
Maggie Stiefvater